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But I understand here that my friends want to know.

                                                                                                                                        ST FRAGKISKOS (1182-1224)
               FRAGKISKOS OF ASSIZIS (Pneumatic People of Love)



There is no Christian in the world can be said, not hiding inside of the nostalgia for this <<San unique>> as the Fragiskos of Assizis.
In our country, it is important to think the impact of the Fragiskos paragraph of Nikos Kazantzakis, the Panagiotis Kanellopoulos and even in the strictly orthodox Kontoglou Foti.
The sympathy for the San Assizis back to ancient Greece, which is evidenced by the frescoes in Byzantine churches in Crete in the 14th century (for example, in the prefecture of Lassithi Kritsa the great Church of Panagia Kera), in which paintings together with the Holy Orthodoxy is the <<Ftochoulis God>>.
None of the West Saint Catholic tradition and is so close to religious Ellinovyzantini Orthodox tradition as the Fragiskos.
This poor Christian brother who considered himself a simple, nameless and uneducated, offered to humanity which is difficult to find, even in the great Saints.
Left us a great collection of written, which enables us to discover the mysterious vision of the soul, his inner world, his personal life, from which sprang the love, humanity, the Apostolic action and full of jubilation Gospel message.
The Francis of Assisi is a Catholic Saint of the church, founder of the Franciscan Order.
Assizi Born in Italy, from a rich family. During an illness of two dreams he saw so shocking, that led to the irrevocable decision to devote himself entirely to the work of charity. The aim of care was poor, animals, and show them the real love. Once it was united with the poor in an uprising against the nobility and it cost a year in prison. Diogmenos and apokliromenos from his father, became interpreter feelings were widespread in his time: the proclaimed equality, peace, love for all creatures of God, human and inanimate, the affection for lepers. He circulated a plainclothesman jacket, tied at the waist by a rope (this type of clothing are currently of the order of monks). For three years retired to the quiet ascetic life, until in 1209 he founded a separate battalion lonely. Followers of the ever growing and were «Franciscan Order», which had the approval of the Pope and Innokentiou C. The Francis of Assisi visited France, Spain, Palestine, Egypt. Returning to Italy has set regulations for better functioning of the battalion, whose organization was better. In 1224, after forty days of prayer and fasting, saw reflected on the body of the positions of the wounds of Jesus.
He wrote a collection written in the subject matter is in four main categories: <<Rules>> <<Testament>> <<Letters>> <<Ainos and Prayers>>.
Declared the Catholic church in 1228 by St. Pope Gregory I. The memory is celebrated on 4 October.
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 From Annyra Ezmperg.